Drip Cakes
An alternative approach to traditional-style cakes, these gorgeous cakes make a big statement! Drip cakes are essentially cakes that have been either left naked or covered in fondant or soft iced, and then adorned with rich cascading dripping chocolate, icing, or a colourful ganache. Also available as a mini 4-inch cake.
Drip cake flavour combinations could be… Chocolate sponge or vanilla sponge with a choice of flavoured buttercream or perhaps a lemon sponge with lemon or vanilla buttercream and lemon curd. Perhaps a coffee sponge with chocolate or vanilla latte buttercream!
You could have a dark, white, milk chocolate or Nutella drip and you could top your cake with a variety of chocolate treats (Nutella would be amazing with a topping of Ferrero Rocher chocolates) or you could add fresh strawberries or meringues or even sweets if that’s what you prefer. You could even add a box of matching cupcakes if you are planning a virtual party, to give to each of the “guests”